Take over HIS Shimla

Dated: – 31st October, 2016


Tikender Singh Panwar

Deputy Mayor

Dear Sh Virbhadra Singh ji,

I am writing this letter to you for your immediate intervention into the affairs of the Himalayan International School, Charabra , Shimla. This is to further apprise you that  the Deputy Commissioner Shimla in his recent order has declared the purchase of the land and school as violation of the section 188 of the land reform and tenancy act and the mutation has been done in the name of Government of Himachal Pradesh. Despite that, and my repeated letters written, the school is still run by the Alchemist group of companies who lost the case and the land stands vested with the state.


However, it is surprising to note that the school run on this land (Himalayan International School) is still being managed by Sardar Kumer Singh Society, Chharabara, which is a de facto   outfit of the Company, which has been ousted by the order of the DC Shimla.  You are well aware that under the Act once, the land is vested with the State, the society should have also been taken over by the State Govt. /Registrar Cooperative Societies and an Administrator should have been appointed instead. I request you to direct the Registrar to initiate the move and take over the aforesaid property from the Sardar Kumer Singh Society and appoint an administrator so that the school could be run smoothly.

Why am I concerned about this society is because of the fact that the Civil writ petition No. 1920 of 2011 was filed by me and it is through this petition that the Hon’ble High Court had asked the DC Shimla to decide the case which was very aptly decided by him in favour of the state thus vesting the land and school.


It is in this background that I am asking you to hasten the process by appointing an Administrator so that the teachers and non-teaching staff who are working in this school have the sense of security and this school which is a known school in the region could be run by the government / some society in the interests of the people and the state.
With greetings.



Tikender Singh Panwar


Sh Virbhadra Singh

Hon’ble Chief Minister

State of Himachal Pradesh



One thought on “Take over HIS Shimla

  1. It’s very much true that govt should appoint an administrator in favour of bright future of school and staff instead of personal property of a company

    With regards


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