Huff ! at last ! hope this will be a relief for sports and cricket in particular.




I think the decision of the Supreme court should be welcomed from all quarters. The decision of the SC where it has removed the president of the BCCI is not just unprecedented but shall be historic in the direction to improve sports in the country. Apparently we have  right since inception maintained that sports and especially cricket should be freed from the cricket mafias and cricket corporates. Apparently I personally have a writ pending in the HP High court seeking democratization of the HPCA. Incidentally the writ was filed long before the formation of the Lodha committee and its recommendations and interestingly both the writ petition and the recommendations of Lodha committee are quite congruent that lays emphasis on:-



  1. Democratisation of the sports body with regular elections to the body of HPCA and getting rid of the life time members with voting rights.
  2. Transparency within the HPCA where it should be brought under the RTI.
  3. Only sports personnel should be responsible for managing the affairs of the bodies especially cricket.
  4. Complete transparency in selection process with laying basis on performance in local tournaments. Unfortunately, local level district tournaments have completely been finished and obituary of such tournaments was written by HPCA led by its president


It is  in this background that I would like to term this decision as historic which will surely help in weaning out corrupt elements with corporate interests from the helm of affairs. I would also like to indict the state government for its lackadaisical approach where by it kept quiet in not taking action against the HPCA when it converted from a society into a company. Not just that public property was usurped for the construction of cricket stadium and a Hotel which caters more to the tourists than to the ones who play cricket.ohio_cricket_mafia2-2-1The effort and debate must be built to ask the president of the HPCA to step down . For what is illegal and contempt for BCCI is also the same for HPCA. Hope now there will be some democratic governance of sports bodies and mass level sports would once again come to the fore where the district level tournaments will get a boost and a revival. The only vigilance which we all as cricket lovers must have is to ensure that the A may not be replaced by B which means another set of ruling party cohorts who will too take a ruinous path.


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