Hail the Supreme court order on cricket cleansing

The decision of the Supreme court needs to be welcomed court where it has appointed a panel headed by Vinod Rai to oversee BCCI’s affairs. It is a great relief to all cricket lovers in the country who were feeling stifled by the previous regime. The other members including Ramchandra Guha a known historian and a chronicle cricket writer, Diana Edulji and Vikram Limaye would definitely pave way for the reformed BCCI which shall have the foundation from the Lodha committee recommendations. It is a pity that the task that should have been performed by the national government was done by the apex court. But this also exposes the strong nexus in major political parties including the BJP and the Congress who were in complete unison to destroy this game and earn windfall profits. Ultimately all happened to the peril of cricket.


We need to be  optimistic that the course now would change and new things will emerge. I  would also like to remind that even in the past some efforts by some prudent people was thrown to the dustbin during the UPA 2 regime. If a cursory look is given to the dossiers sent to the IOA of why and how the sports should be looked at in the country the dossiers spell quite a stuff that should not have been glossed over.  Apparently because of the strong connivance in between the BJP and the Congress nothing could come out at that time. I would also recommend the name of Ingeti Srinivas to nbe incorporated in the affairs of the BCCI , who is one of the administrative service personnel who was instrumental in the sending of those dossiers that spelt about transparency, democracy and sports to be run by sports persons and not mafias.

I would once again reiterate and ask the  state government also to learn some lessons from the Supreme court order and dissolve the HPCA and appoint a similar kind of sports body with prudent personalities and not its own kith and kin. This can be easily done to pave way for the lodha committee recommendations to follow later. The matter in the HP High court should not become a hindrance as new circumstances have developed and it is the time to get rid of the cricket corporates from the body. The fiefdom can be broken and more democratic structure can be created with the help of old cricketers . Not just that all sports bodies should be targeted and the element of democracy, transparency and sports to be run by sportspersons should be followed.



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